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Re: [libvirt] [RFC] New CPU hotplug APIs

On 2013年04月25日 20:22, Peter Krempa wrote:
Hi upstream,

I'd like to discuss the design of CPU modification related APIs before I start working on them.

Qemu recently added support for modification of the state of the cpu using the guest agent and is also doing work on hot plug of cpus and possibly even hot unplug.

This stuff will require us to introduce new APIs to take full advantage of the new code for qemu.

I'm imagining adding 3 new API functions: 1 universal getter function and 2 specific setters: one for agent based modifications and one for classic (ACPI) cpu hotplug.

1) The getter function:

virDomainGetVCPUMap(virDomainPtr dom,
const char **cpumap,
unsigned int flags);

With no flags, this function would return the map of online CPUs in the guest.

The flags will allow us then to do:
VIR_DOMAIN_VCPU_MAP_AGENT_ONLINE - map of online cpus as the guest agent sees it VIR_DOMAIN_VCPU_MAP_AGENT_OFFLINABLE - map of online cpus that can be turned off VIR_DOMAIN_VCPU_MAP_AGENT_ONLINABLE - map of offline cpus that can be turned on VIR_DOMAIN_VCPU_MAP_AGENT_POSSIBLE - all vcpus as the guest agent sees them
(_AGENT_OFFLINE probably isn't useful

Hi Peter,

I have some questions about the flags:

I think only CPU0 or BSP can't be offline on x86,
Other CPUs could be turned off,is it right?
For PowerPC, I have test and CPU0 can be turned off.

Is there any other consideration about this flag?

I think all of offline CPUs can be turned on.
be removed, IMHO. :)

And similarly for offline processors:
(no idea if offlinable makes sense here)

The universal nature of this function would be documented right away and would save us having separate getters for agent based hotplug and classic one.

The returned map would be automatically allocated and the length of it returned as the return value.

This getter will allow us representing (possibly) sparse allocation of the cpu IDs.

2) Setters

virDomainSetVCPUState(virDomainPtr dom,
int id,
bool state,
unsigned int flags);
for classic CPU hotplug and:

Should be a parameter "cpumap" in this interface to be updated when VCPU's state is changed?
PowerPC can use this interface although it doesn't support ACPI.
But I think the implementation may be quite different.

virDomainSetGuestVCPUState(virDomainPtr dom,
int id,
bool state,
unsigned int flags);
for agent based cpu offlining.

This will represent the setter functions with similar semantics. I've gone for two to absolutely differentiate the agent based stuff from the classic one, but they could be merged into a single one with appropriate flags).

These will allow modification of state of single CPUs so that errors can be handled gracefully. The id corresponds to position of the bit in the cpumap requested by the getter func described above.

Thanks in advance for your input on this design stuff.


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