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Re: [libvirt] [libvirt-users] libvirt-snmp on Ubuntu

Thank you.
I was able to compile/install libvirt-snmp on Ubuntu by mainly following the instructions on:

When I check the data returned by snmpwalk, I find that values for the UUID of the Virtual Guest, libvirtGuestUUID( are not getting populated. This is a key piece of information. Does anyone know why this is not being populated?

Also I noticed that the value returned by libvirtGuestMemoryCurrent (current memory usage by VirtualGuest) is not the correct value. The value returned by this is same as libvirtGuestMemoryLimit (The maximum amount of memory (in MiB) that can be used by the virtual	guest.).


--- On Thu, 5/2/13, Eric Blake <eblake redhat com> wrote:

> From: Eric Blake <eblake redhat com>
> Subject: Re: [libvirt-users] libvirt-snmp on Ubuntu
> To: "george john" <simplyjoe13 yahoo com>
> Cc: "Michal Privoznik" <mprivozn redhat com>, libvirt-users redhat com
> Date: Thursday, May 2, 2013, 9:00 AM
> On 05/02/2013 09:45 AM, george john
> wrote:
> > Thank you Michal. I verified the binary rpmbuild exists
> at  /usr/bin/rpmbuild and ran autobuild but it failed
> with these errors:
> > 
> > 
> > ../autogen.sh --prefix=$AUTOBUILD_INSTALL_ROOT \
> >   --with-mibdir=$MIBDIR
> > Can't exec "libtoolize": No such file or directory at
> /usr/bin/autoreconf line 196.
> > Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at
> /usr/bin/autoreconf line 196.
> Do you have libtool properly installed?
> > checking return type of signal handlers... void
> > ../configure: line 4433: syntax error near unexpected
> token `LIBVIRT,'
> > ../configure: line 4433: `PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBVIRT,
> libvirt >= $LIBVIRT_REQUIRED)'
> > root nv-kvm02:/tmp/libvirt-snmp-0.0.3# 
> Are you sure you have pkg-config properly installed?
> -- 
> Eric Blake   eblake redhat com   
> +1-919-301-3266
> Libvirt virtualization library http://libvirt.org

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