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Re: [libvirt] LXC: user namespaces

On 04/30/2013 06:07 PM, Richard RW. Weinberger wrote:
> ----- Urspr√ľngliche Mail -----
>>> We'd like to use libvirt for managing our lxc machines.
>>> Currently libvirt lacks of user namespace support.
>>> Is anyone working on that? Otherwise David and I will implement it
>>> and send patches very soon.
>> There were some people at Fujitsu who have done a little work on it.
>> They posted some very basic patches a month or two ago, but not heard
>> more since then, so don't know if any progress has been made by them.
> Found the patches. :)
> They do mostly the same what our preliminary userns support does.
> 1. Add support for uid/gid mappings.
> 2. Don't mount disallowed files systems in the userns.
> 3. Create devices nodes outside of the userns.
> What we still need to consider is how to deal with capability dropping.
> Daniel, do you have any plans how to support this?
> Using securebits would be a good idea.
> See [0] 
> Gao feng, are you still working on the patch set?
> Let's work together to avoid duplicated work.
> If you don't have to time to cleanup/rework your patches
> we'll happily pick them up and base our work on them.

Sorry for the late response.

I'm working on this patchset now. and I also consider to add user quota for libvirt lxc.

Anyway I will post the version 2 in next week.


> Thanks,
> //richard
> [0]:
> https://lkml.org/lkml/2013/4/29/445

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