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[libvirt] [libvirt-glib PATCHv2 0/6] gconfig: Add classes/methods for snapshot configuration


This v2 has 3 more patches than the initial series, they were needed to address
various issues with the initial series. 3/6 is not strictly needed, I'm still undecided
as to whether it makes things nicer or not, so it's open for discussion (the deprecation
it introduces would be triggered when building Boxes).

Changes since v1:
  - fix a bug in gvir_config_domain_snapshot_get_parent() when the <parent>
    element is missing (which happens with the initial snapshot in a given domain)
  - add missing gvir_config_domain_snapshot_[gs]et_memory_state() and
  - return a time_t from gvir_config_domain_snapshot_get_creation_time()
  - rename the GVirConfigDomainSnapshotState enum to
  - add a GVirConfigDomainDiskFormat enum and return it from


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