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[libvirt] RFC version information in API docs


Sometimes, it's a bit hard to determine when exactly a function, flag
or macro appeared in libvirt, ie. whether it will be supported on my
target machine having a specific version of libvirt or not.

So, I have created an enriched version of the API docs, using a XSL
stylesheet enumerating the libvirt?-api.xml files of all libvirt

For an example, you can have a look here:


Hovering over an enum value displays version information in a tooltip.

What do you think? Should this information be included by default in
the API docs?

If so, I could use a little help on how to integrate the generation of
this information into the automake process.

Basically, the XSL stylesheet enriches the generated libvirt-api.xml
with the current version given as a parameter to xsltproc plus version
information gathered from a previous enriched libvirt-api.xml file.

That way, every symbol/node() gets a since="..." version attribute.

So, during a build there's an extra step necessary when generating the
libvirt-api.xml file:

1. apibuild.py => libvirt-api.1.xml

2. (libvirt-api.1.xml + libvirt-api.0.xml) => XSLT => libvirt-api.xml

When releasing, libvirt-api.xml should be moved to
libvirt-api.0.xml. Alternatively, there could be a second XSL file
only extracting the version information without the boilerplate.

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