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Re: [libvirt] traffic control

On 05/20/2013 11:21 AM, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
Yes, the choice language *today* does matter, because it impacts on
the minimum install base size possible with libvirt. It also impacts
on operational aspects becasue python is not a low footprint runtime
from a memory POV, and not OOM friendly. As per my previous mail I
also think this kind of higher level interface to netlink should be
a C library rather than an RPC system.

I also would like to create a C lib with some optional high-level bindings. But as I think, it is simply not possible in nearest time, it is too hard, I know the amount and state of code of the `tc` utility. Right now iproute's `tc` is the only complete implementation of the traffic control messages (and it is a total mess-up with tons of non-actual legacy), the second shortly will be the one I write (in pure python, yes). I would like to see another one, but I just do not expect it in some foreseeable future.

Ok, time will show — maybe I'm totally wrong.

Another approach could be providing basic functionality just as it is done right now — calling the external utility (from my point of view, it is not better than RPC) and to make pluggable network management politics, that could be provided by loadable C libraries. It would give some space for extensibility.

Peter V. Saveliev

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