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Re: [libvirt] Issues with qemu-nbd over AF_UNIX and virDomainAttachDevice

On 05/27/2013 02:00 PM, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
Il 26/05/2013 15:54, Deepak C Shetty ha scritto:
3) In nbdxml, i tried removing port="1111".. it didn't give any error
with regards to port beign mandatory.. which si good.. but the attach
device still gives the same error as above

Is the `nbdxml` I am using for attachign a qemu-nbd exported drive,
correct ?
What version of QEMU is this?

Can you search the logs for the QMP commands related to the hotplug?

Do you mean starting my domain using -d option for qemu, which dumps the log in /tmp/qemu.log ? I am using a VM started from virt-manager.... i don't see a way to pass -d to it from virt-manager... I can try using a hand-coded qemu cmdline tho'

I assume when i am using python (import libvirt) and/or virsh.. it uses qemu-kvm
qemu-kvm version is 1.0.1

Do i need to try with latest qemu git ?

On irc.. you asked me to check if cold-plug works.. but attach-device is for active domain only... am i missing something here ?


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