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Re: [libvirt] [PATCHv5 4/5] domifaddr: Add virsh support

On Sun, Sep 01, 2013 at 07:13:34PM +0530, Nehal J Wani wrote:
> Use virDomainInterfaceAddresses in virsh
> tools/virsh-domain-monitor.c
>    * Introduce new command : domifaddr
>      Usage: domifaddr <domain> [interface] [full]

'full' shouldn't be a positional arg - it should just be a flag eg

   virsh domifaddr --full f18

> +
> +=item B<domifaddr> I<domain> [I<interface>] [I<--full>]
> +
> +Get a list of interfaces of a running domain along with their IP and MAC
> +addresses, or limited output just for one interface if I<interface> is
> +specified. Note, that I<interface> can be driver dependent, it can be
> +the name within guest OS or the name you would see in domain XML.
> +Moreover, the whole command may require a guest agent to be configured
> +for the queried domain under some drivers, notably qemu. All fields can
> +be fully displayed by passing the option: I<--full>.
> +
>  =item B<domifstat> I<domain> I<interface-device>
>  Get network interface stats for a running domain.

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