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[libvirt] Help needed in simulating libvirt

Hi All,
   I'm need to simulate libvirt API's say to mock the libvirt API responses. (Actually I need to simulate qemu API's response). Because of my project needs I need to write this simulated libvirt server in Java. I believe the simulated libvirt can be written as java RPC which should capable to receive the client RPC request calls and by dispatcher we can dispatch to the simulated java functions. I searched for .x file to be used for generating server stubs but unfortunately .x files like "remote_protocol.x", "virnetprotocol.x", "qemu_protocol.x" and "lxc_monitor_protocol.x" are not containing any procedure for libvirt API's that exposed. Please let me know which files will have these exposed procedures and how can I use it in java,

         Also I'm not sure how to implement the ssl layer support for the libvirt server in java. I need to write a java server in such a way that python client should capable to create a connection with uri "qemu+tls://systemip:port?no_tty=1". Also with the created connection object it should able to call the libvirt API's like getCapabilities, etc.

Any help and ideas on this will be really helpful.

Thanks in Advance,
Arun V

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