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Re: [libvirt] [v0.9.12-maint 08/11] Make sure regree is called close to it's usage

On 09/12/2013 03:35 AM, Luca Tettamanti wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> I wasn't aware that my patch had been posted upstream.

Yeah, my unfortunate email addressing was due to a glitch in the way
Guido posted the existing Debian patch queue for 0.9.12 to upstream,
such that my usual 'reply-to-all' sent to the wrong people based on the
awkward headers.  No worries.

> Ok, something like this then?
>>From 4b2a860148a3e9f41136f135449d5aa53b5824e9 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
> From: John Ferlan <jferlan redhat com>
> Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2013 14:44:26 -0500
> Subject: [PATCH] storage: Need to also VIR_FREE(reg)
> Commit-id 'afc4631b' added the regfree(reg) to free resources alloc'd
> during regcomp; however, reg still needed to be VIR_FREE()'d. The call
> to regfree() also didn't account for possible NULL value.  Reformatted
> the call to be closer to usage.
> (cherry picked from commit 71da3b66a8455faf8019effe3cf504a31f91f54a)
> Backported to 0.9.12 with afc4631b and its revert skipped.
> Signed-off-by: Luca Tettamanti <ltettamanti acunu com>

Yes, I like that better than Guido's re-post at:

Eric Blake   eblake redhat com    +1-919-301-3266
Libvirt virtualization library http://libvirt.org

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