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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 00/14] Add ability to handle the <metadata> element using the API

On 09/10/13 12:15, Peter Krempa wrote:
> This series adds the initialy omitted functionality of changing the <metadata>
> element using the virDomain[Get|Set]Metadata API.
> First few patches are cleanup of some code noticed during implementation of the
> other stuff.
> Peter Krempa (14):
>   virsh-domain: Remove spurious ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED from cmdDesc
>   virsh-domain: Line up signal names array
>   qemu: Factor out body of qemuDomainGetMetadata for universal use
>   qemu: Factor out body of qemuDomainSetMetadata for universal use
>   conf: Factor out setting of metadata to simplify code
>   util: Add helper to convert libxml2 nodes to a string
>   virsh-domain: use virXMLNodeDump instead of xmlNodeDump
>   virsh-domain: Add command to allow modifications of XML metadata
>   conf: Add support for requesting of XML metadata via the API
>   conf: allow to add XML metadata using the virDomainSetMetadata api
>   lib: Don't force the key argument when deleting metadata
>   lxc: Add metadata modification APIs
>   test: Add <metadata> support into the test driver
>   tests: Add metadata tests

Ping? Any volunteer for the horrendous task of reviewing this? :)


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