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Re: [libvirt] Mass rebuild report for August 29 2013

Eric Blake schreef op di 17-09-2013 om 15:34 [-0600]:
> I've played with these in my rawhide VM (and fixed several other libvirt
> bugs in the meantime, so the time was not wasted :).  I was unable to
> reproduce this particular failure, which may mean that the latest
> winpthreads has indeed fixed the issue.  At any rate, I was pleased to
> note this in today's mass rebuild notice:
> mingw-libvirt-1.1.2-1
> 	** Package built successfully while it failed during the previous mass
> rebuild **
> 	Time to build: 12 minutes, 1 second
> So at this point, I'll quit worrying further about the issue, and hope
> that your conversion to winpthreads goes successfully with the current
> state of libvirt.

Hey Eric,

We managed to get the issue resolved in upstream mingw-w64/winpthreads
in commits http://sourceforge.net/p/mingw-w64/code/6218/ and
So libvirt builds fine now even when winpthreads is available. I haven't
done any runtime tests yet, but I expect to introduce winpthreads (and
rebuild all affected packages) tomorrow in Fedora 20 and rawhide.



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