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Re: [libvirt] Operation not permitted when start vm

On 09/18/2013 01:43 AM, yue wrote:
> File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/site-packages/libvirt.py", line 2645, in createXML
> if ret is None:raise libvirtError('virDomainCreateXML() failed', conn=self)
> libvirtError: internal error Process exited while reading console log output: char device redirected to /dev/pts/4
> qemu-kvm: -drive file=/rhev/data-center/7828f2ae-955e-4e4b-a4bb-43807629dc52/d028d521-d4a9-4dd7-a0fe-3e9b60e7c4e4/images/ac025dc1-4e25-4b71-8c56-88dcb61b9f09/cae1bb2d-0529-4287-95a3-13dcb14f082f,if=none,id=drive-ide0-0-0,format=qcow2,serial=ac025dc1-4e25-4b71-8c56-88dcb61b9f09,cache=none,werror=stop,rerror=stop,aio=n ative: could not open disk image /rhev/data-center/7828f2ae-955e-4e4b-a4bb-43807629dc52/d028d521-d4a9-4dd7-a0fe-3e9b60e7c4e4/images/ac025dc1-4e25-4b71-8c56-88dcb61b9f09/cae1bb2d-0529-4287-95a3-13dcb14f082f: Operation not permitted

Have you checked all the obvious suspects?  For example, do you need to
enable virt_use_nfs to let SELinux be happy with your setup?  Have you
double-checked the backing chain for correctness?  Have you checked the
output of 'qemu-img info
repeated for each backing file listed until you get a listing with no
backing file?  In particular, make sure that every image in the chain
properly lists the backing file format (if any image in the chain
doesn't list the backing file format, then libvirt treats it as raw for
security reasons, and doesn't grant qemu access rights to follow the
chain any further, which is one reason for seeing a message such as this).

Can you reproduce it using latest libvirt.git instead of pre-built?
This list focuses on upstream development, and since you are using an
older CentOS build, it is not entirely obvious whether your problem is
something that only downstream will suffer (because it may have already
been fixed upstream).  If you were actually using RHEV instead of
CentOS, this would be a perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of
your Red Hat support contract and get someone to help you work through
it, instead of being told that you are somewhat on your own.

Eric Blake   eblake redhat com    +1-919-301-3266
Libvirt virtualization library http://libvirt.org

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