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Re: [libvirt] [Libvirt-announce] Entering freeze for libvirt-1.1.3

On 26/09/2013, at 7:16 PM, Doug Goldstein wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 1:13 PM, Doug Goldstein <cardoe gentoo org> wrote:
>> This was the error I brought up on the ML with the 1.1.2 release. I
>> still haven't had a chance to get to the bottom of it. The issue stems
>> from the fact that we're getting back bad socket credentials. I've
>> submitted a patch to catch this case that needs review:
> I should also note that my patchset doesn't fix the whole issue. We
> are always failing when we look up the socket info on Mac OS X (we
> have for a really really really long time). But at least we detect the
> error instead of silently ignoring it and trying to look up bad data.

Cool.  At least it's a "known thing" then, not a new one.  I'll leave
this to you guys to sort out, as it's been *ages* since my head has
been in libvirt development mode. ;)

+ Justin

Open Source and Standards @ Red Hat


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