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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH v9] bhyve: add a basic driver

  Eric Blake wrote:

> I didn't see any edits to cfg.mk; not sure if you were trying 'make
> syntax-check' or if we may have some tweaks to clean up.  Oh, and I
> guess you're still waiting on me to find time to tweak upstream gnulib
> to use $(SED) during syntax-check.

Indeed, I'm waiting for gnulib support for that. Anyway, I keep the
stashed version of that change to cfg.mk to be able to run 'make
syntax-check', but I don't include it in commits because it's a change
on its own and doesn't belong here IMHO.

> Overall, looks pretty good; thanks to others for doing reviews on the
> earlier versions, since it took me until v9 to take a peek :)

Thanks for the thoughtful review! I've addressed issues Daniel and you
point out and uploaded v10. Hope I didn't miss anything, there were
quite a few changes.

Roman Bogorodskiy

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