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[libvirt] [bug-report] libvirtd 1.1.4-maint with lastest patches can't be connected

Hi experts,
Is there anybody could help me to fix this bug:

my libvirt version is 1.1.4-manit without the newest patches after this one:
13 days ago	Eric Blake	event: move event filtering to daemon (regression fix)

Description of problem:
After I cherry-picked these patches of 1.1.4-maint branch(I want to fix the dead lock and a libvirtd crash bugs of libvirtd,
my libvirtd can be started, but the connection can't be established,
and libvirtd failed to stop after 'service libvirt-bin stop', as well as 'ctrl+c' when I run 'libvirtd -v' on the foreground.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. create many VMs(40 in my env) on the host
2. kill -9 `pid of libvirtd`
3. start libvirtd by using service libvirt-bin start
4. virsh list or virsh version

Thanks a lot!

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