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Re: [libvirt] Compiling libvirt RPC client library for QNX

  Panday Ritesh Sharma (rpanday) wrote:

> Thanks Roman for your response.
> Few questions which are not answered in that link. As I mentioned, my
> intent is to get only libvirt client library on QNX side not the whole
> libvirt. The libvirt daemon will still be running on linux box. The QNX
> machine will only be sending the request to define/start/destroy the
> domain and would be interested in getting lifecycle event. In that case do
> I need to compile whole libvirt which is down loaded or only subset of
> that suffice ? If only subset is needed, what are those ?

You can specify features to compile in via ./configure flags, e.g. you
could disable building of libvirtd using '--without-libvirtd' flag.
Please check the output of ./configure --help.

> Can you please pass me the link where I could get latest libvirt, as you
> said 0.9.8 is quite old. JFYI, my linux box is running below host version
> so I would need compatible libvirt.

You can find download links here:


Roman Bogorodskiy

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