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[libvirt] New feature discussion: Grouping multiple libvirt's in a "pool"

Greetings All,

I would like to say "Hi" to everyone on the list since this is my first message.

I have couple of servers running CentOS and Debian with kvm and libvirt on top. Lately I've been thinking of coordinating them together in a pool like XenServer groups servers in a "Pool".

I am totally aware that this feature can be achieved by installing OpenStack or any similar orchestrator on top of libvirt. But I would like to achieve this feature using libvirt alone as I don't want to install any stuff above libvirt.

I was also thinking if each libvirt on every server is aware of other resources (Domains, Storage and Network), this could provide better support and view to any higher orchestrator utilizing libvirt.

So I am wondering if such feature was discussed previously? And would like to hear thoughts or concerns about it.

Ahmed Ossama

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