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Re: [libvirt] [uq/master PATCH 0/7] x86 CPU subclasses, take 7

Il 31/01/2014 12:30, Andreas Färber ha scritto:
Further, I was under the impression that this series depends on Igor's
feature property series, which I haven't found time to rework and
haven't noticed anyone else do either. So if there's no prereqs (why
uq/master?) I'll happily start reviewing and queuing it.

Yeah, I was also wondering why uq/master too, mostly for patches 5 and 7.

The first 3 patches are KVM-ish, and I can apply them if you prefer.

Patches 4 and 6 are mostly trivial, but I'll leave them to you.

As Eduardo points out below the commit message in the final patch, his
conversion is very similar to one of my earlier patch series, so
committing that with Eduardo as author via uq/master without crediting
me via uq/master would leave a bad taste.

I'll leave this to you to sort out.


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