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[libvirt] Libvirt now using Zanata for translation

As of current GIT master, libvirt is fully using Zanata for po file

After some trouble with the zanata python client, I have now successfully
refreshed & pushed the current libvirt.pot file, and synchronized all
the translation po files back down to GIT master.

For ongoing refreshes of the libvirt.pot, it can be rebuild & pushed
to zanata and .po files resynchonized using

     # cd po
     # rm libvirt.pot
     # make libvirt.pot
     # zanata-cli push
     # zanata-cli pull

Where 'zanata-cli' is the *JAVA* client, not the python client. I strongly
recommend against use of the python client for the libvirt project as it
doesn't handle the size of the libvirt.pot/.po files well resulting in
unexplained data loss.  Even the java client has problems pushing the
.po files to the server due to poorly designed rate limiting in the
zanata server.

Fortunately this is not something we need do again, now we have imported
the existing .po file.  The java client has been troublefree wrt to pushing
the .pot file and pulling .po files, which is all we need for ongoing work

Currently myself & Daniel Veillard are setup as admins of the libvirt
project in Zanata & we can add further people as required.

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