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[libvirt] RFC Parallels driver renaming

Hi all,

You probably already know that our Parallels business devision responsible for Parallels Cloud Server, which is supported currently in libvirt as a "parallels" driver, was recently renamed to Odin [1]. As a part of this change our Parallels Cloud Server product name was also changed to Virtuozzo [2]. That said, we need to address this change in all publicly available products and projects and libvirt is not an exception.
Thus, I intend to do the following renaming:
1. connection uri from "parallels" to "vz",
2. driver directory and source files from "parallels" to "vz",
3. internal names (function prefixes, variable and other names) from "parallels", "prl" to "vz".

I would like to request for comments about proposed renamings, if they are affordable? If so, I will send the patch series shortly.

Maxim Nestratov
[1] http://www.odin.com/odin/
[2] http://www.odin.com/products/virtuozzo/#tab4

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