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Re: [libvirt] Plans for next release

On 05/23/2015 07:22 AM, Daniel Veillard wrote:
    Hi everybody,

if we want to get it by next month, we should probably freeze on Tuesday
for an 1.2.16 on June 1st, we 'only' have 137 commits since 1.2.15 but
sticking to the monthly release is important.

Hi Daniel,

I have a few old patches on the list that would be nice to get into 1.2.16. First is the libxl config file fixes in the spec file that we postponed during the 1.2.15 release


Next is a patch to fix generation of AUTHORS file in the python bindings


Finally, since the domXML <-> xl.cfg conversions for SPICE where committed a few weeks back, it would be nice to provide support for SPICE and qxl config in the libxl driver too


It would be unfortunate to convert xl.cfg SPICE config to domXML but then be unable to use that config in the libxl driver.


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