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[libvirt] ANNOUNCE: Oz 0.16.0 release

    I'm pleased to announce release 0.16.0 of Oz.  Oz is a program for doing automated installation of guest operating systems with limited input from the user.  Release 0.16.0 is a bugfix and feature release for Oz.  Some of the highlights between Oz 0.15.0 and 0.16.0 are:

* Windows 10 and 2016 support
* All timeouts are now configurable
* Ubuntu 16.04, 16.10, 17.04 support
* Mageia 2, 3, 4, 5 support
* Properly find UEFI firmware, which should fix aarch64 installs
* Fedora 24, 25, 26 support
* FreeBSD 11 support
* Replace internal use of pycurl with requests
* OpenSUSE Leap support
* Timeouts are now based on time, not the number of iterations of the loop
* Modern Fedora and RHEL guests will print out a lot more anaconda debugging information to the terminal that oz-install was launched from

A tarball and zipfile of this release is available on the Github releases page: https://github.com/clalancette/oz/releases .  Packages for Fedora rawhide and 26 have been built in Koji and will eventually make their way to stable.  Instructions on how to get and use Oz are available at http://github.com/clalancette/oz/wiki .

If you have questions or comments about Oz, please feel free to contact me at clalancette at gmail.com, or open up an issue on the github page: http://github.com/clalancette/oz/issues .

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release through bug reports, patches, and suggestions for improvement.

Chris Lalancette

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