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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 4/6] tests: Reduce usage of legacy PCI controllers on PCIe machines

On 02/21/2017 02:57 PM, Andrea Bolognani wrote:
Up until a while ago, libvirt would automatically add a legacy
PCI controllers combo (dmi-to-pci-bridge + pci-bridge) to any
PCIe machine type (x86_64/q35 and aarch64/virt).

As a result, a number of input and output files in the test
suite ended up containing the legacy PCI controllers, even
though they are not needed or in any way relevant to the
feature being tested.

Get rid of most of the occurrences. Most of the time, this
just means removing the controllers from the input file and
regenerating the output files; in a few instances, some
minor tweaking is performed on the input file, most notably
removing the memory balloon: as memory balloon support was
not the scope of the test being changed, there is no loss
of test coverage from doing so.

There's a lot of this going on for many many devices/options. Won't anybody think of the poor overtired electrons!?!?!?

Much ACK. Very same output.

(for the uninformed, we had a conversation on IRC about the pcie-root-port-too-many test, and how I thought it should now succeed due to this patch's removal of 2 PCI controllers. It turns out that it has been failing with a *different* error ever since I added "slot aggregation" (which places 8 pcie-root-ports on each slot, and thus should be causing pcie-root-port-too-many to *succeed*) I'm now writing a patch to fix the test).

This one:

> diff --git a/tests/qemuxml2argvdata/qemuxml2argv-pcie-root-port-too-many.xml b/tests/qemuxml2argvdata/qemuxml2argv-pcie-root-port-too-many.xml
index 98be1cd..5234e3b 100644
--- a/tests/qemuxml2argvdata/qemuxml2argv-pcie-root-port-too-many.xml
+++ b/tests/qemuxml2argvdata/qemuxml2argv-pcie-root-port-too-many.xml
@@ -20,8 +20,8 @@
        <address type='drive' controller='0' bus='0' target='0' unit='0'/>
      <controller type='pci' index='0' model='pcie-root'/>
-    <controller type='pci' index='1' model='dmi-to-pci-bridge'/>
-    <controller type='pci' index='2' model='pci-bridge'/>
+    <controller type='pci' index='1' model='pcie-root-port'/>
+    <controller type='pci' index='2' model='pcie-root-port'/>
      <controller type='pci' index='3' model='pcie-root-port'/>
      <controller type='pci' index='4' model='pcie-root-port'/>
      <controller type='pci' index='5' model='pcie-root-port'/>
@@ -49,8 +49,6 @@
      <controller type='pci' index='27' model='pcie-root-port'/>
      <controller type='pci' index='28' model='pcie-root-port'/>
      <controller type='pci' index='29' model='pcie-root-port'/>
-    <controller type='pci' index='30' model='pcie-root-port'/>
-    <controller type='pci' index='31' model='pcie-root-port'/>
      <controller type='sata' index='0'/>
      <input type='mouse' bus='ps2'/>
      <input type='keyboard' bus='ps2'/>

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