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Re: [libvirt] Availability of libvirt-4.6.0 Release Candidate 2

On Tue, Jul 31, 2018 at 03:54:43PM +0200, Bjoern Walk wrote:
> Bjoern Walk <bwalk linux ibm com> [2018-07-31, 03:16PM +0200]:
> > I have not yet had the time to figure out what goes wrong, any ideas are welcome.
> Ah, classic. The mocked virRandomBytes function is not endian-agnostic,
> generating a different interface name as expected by the test.

I'm not seeing why virRandomBytes is affected by endian-ness. It is simply
populating an array of bytes, so there's no endin issues to consider there.

Can you elaborate on the actual error messages you are getting from the
tests, and what aspect makes you think virRandomBytes is the problem ?

Seems more likely that it is something higher up the call stack.

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