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Re: [libvirt] [PATCHv2 00/62] qemu: Add support for -blockdev


This series was run against 'syntax-check' test by patchew.org, which failed, please find the details below:

Type: series
Message-id: cover 1534173734 git pkrempa redhat com
Subject: [libvirt] [PATCHv2 00/62] qemu: Add support for -blockdev

# Testing script will be invoked under the git checkout with
# HEAD pointing to a commit that has the patches applied on top of "base"
# branch
time bash -c './autogen.sh && make syntax-check'

Updating bcb55ab053bc79561b55d0394490f4b64e0f2d01
>From https://github.com/patchew-project/libvirt
 t [tag update]            patchew/cover 1534173734 git pkrempa redhat com -> patchew/cover 1534173734 git pkrempa redhat com
Switched to a new branch 'test'
a79757c9ba DO NOT APPLY: Enable QEMU_CAPS_BLOCKDEV if 'query-blockstats' works with -blockdev
9ec0f1d660 qemu: driver: Prepare qemuDomainGetStatsBlock (bulk disk stats) for -blockdev
66fcb093ad qemu: driver: Allow using blockdev with qemuDomainBlocksStatsGather
3180eee471 qemu: Use QOM path with query-block when using -blockdev
061d175adc qemu: monitor: Report data also for 'qdev' entry in qemuMonitorJSONGetBlockInfo
5e33ec1420 qemu: Export stats relevant for the storage backend
a8646ba336 qemu: Report frontend stats only for the frontend entry
461884115c qemu: Refactor control flow in qemuDomainGetStatsBlockExportDisk
652ab3ed04 qemu: Export stats relevant for the frontend separately
cc72776ebb qemu: Extract exporting of the header for block stats
5cd6a5c0d9 qemu: Extract exporting of disk block statistics
964899cb24 qemu: monitor: Extract 'write-threshold' automatically for -blockdev
a8c26201e3 qemu: driver: Don't pass 'virDomainDiskDefPtr' to qemuDomainGetStatsOneBlock
0a94f39edf qemu: monitor: Add APIs for refreshing disk capacity when using -blockdev
e4580fb7b5 qemu: monitor: Retrieve blockstats also by qdev and node-names
3c3211a525 qemu: Explicitly find disks for stats totals
44ab15094a qemu: driver: Don't copy disk alias in qemuDomainBlocksStatsGather
67b112259a qemu: hotplug: Implement removable media change for -blockdev
4d67accee7 qemu: monitor: Add APIs for cdrom tray handling for -blockdev
24fd391b31 qemu: hotplug: Prepare for blockdev-add/blockdev-del with backing chains
512c2ec097 qemu: monitor: Handle BLOCK_IO_ERROR event properly with -blockdev
41009c4f9d qemu: monitor: Handle TRAY_MOVED event correctly with -blockdev
9e0b3b06b5 qemu: process: Add lookup via QOM id to qemuProcessFindDomainDiskByAlias
fe8d3d25d2 qemu: driver: Prepare qemuDomainBlockResize for blockdev
e435aa7808 qemu: driver: Use QOM backend name for disk IO throttling APIs
fbdd10ba16 qemu: process: Setup disk io throttling for -blockdev
662db0ae2e qemu: command: Add helper to check if disk throttling is enabled
ea3bc35db9 qemu: command: format disk source commandline for -blockdev
4b2b6aea5c qemu: domain: Prepare qemuDomainDiskGetBackendAlias for -blockdev
71d98afe29 qemu: block: Add generator for the 'copy-on-read' blockdev driver
4d4429cdda qemu: proces: assign node names for user defined backing chains
4a634ce103 qemu: domain: Add field for storing node name for copy-on-read
bfade5c54f qemu: command: Setup floppy drives via -device for blockdev
ced63a7ae6 qemu: alias: Generate QDEV name of the block backend for disks
87bbed89b4 qemu: Add field to store QDEV path of a disk in private data
87f4b24ad3 qemu: Use proper backingIndex when reporting stats for backing chain
b09f2c9e24 conf: Allow formatting and parsing of 'index' for disk source image
4314d075af conf: Implement private data formatting and parsing for disks
4fdde82a16 qemu: domain: Add infrastructure to generate block node names
131faacb4a conf: domain: Format out user provided backing chains in XML
78085fa078 qemu: process: Don't detect nodenames when we support -blockdev
03c3b60a26 qemu: domain: Don't redetect backing chain when using -blockdev
6855efb119 qemu: process: clear QEMU_CAPS_BLOCKDEV for VMs with SD card
4c6d9c5263 qemu: caps: Add capability for using the blockdev infrastructure
59b7e64f54 util: virqemu: Simplify debugging if building QOM object with missing args
468cdf75a2 qemu: hotplug: Don't generate alias when detaching disk
7feade7dc5 tests: qemu: Add test data for backing chains and indexes
bcc0c344b9 tests: qemuxml2argv: Fork CAPS_LATEST test cases for 'blockdev'
c76a82e1bf tests: qemu: Drop disk from hostdev-mdev tests
be39d1c1c6 qemu: monitor: Add 'nodename' argument for 'block_resize'
68aa8b8ffc qemu: monitor: Allow using 'qdev' instead of 'device' for getting disk throttling
0134ba2b38 qemu: monitor: Allow using 'id' instead of 'device' for 'block_set_io_throttle'
addc06b207 qemu: monitor: Reuse qemuMonitorJSONQueryBlock in qemuMonitorJSONBlockIoThrottleInfo
9df3c8f91b qemu: hotplug: Prepare disk source in qemuDomainAttachDeviceDiskLive
87c7e40e14 qemu: hotplug: consolidate media change code paths
de3bac772b Revert "qemu: monitor: Add the 'query-nodes' argument for query-blockstats"
756b375d6a tests: qemucapabilities: Update capability data for qemu 3.0.0
c8d08e159f qemu: monitor: Remove useless 'locked' property from struct qemuDomainDiskInfo
59dbe11cd4 qemu: monitor: Remove unsupported function check for 'block_resize'
a2521e85c9 qemu: Improve errors in qemuDomainBlockResize
edbfab2eff tests: qemumonitorjson: Simplify debugging of 'blockInfo' test
110051ce98 qemu: process: Fix alias for disk-tray-moved event

Updating submodules...
Submodule 'gnulib' (https://git.savannah.gnu.org/git/gnulib.git/) registered for path '.gnulib'
Submodule 'keycodemapdb' (https://gitlab.com/keycodemap/keycodemapdb.git) registered for path 'src/keycodemapdb'
Cloning into '/var/tmp/patchew-tester-tmp-6pgrhw4t/src/.gnulib'...
fatal: unable to access 'https://git.savannah.gnu.org/git/gnulib.git/': The requested URL returned error: 502
fatal: clone of 'https://git.savannah.gnu.org/git/gnulib.git/' into submodule path '/var/tmp/patchew-tester-tmp-6pgrhw4t/src/.gnulib' failed
Failed to clone '.gnulib'. Retry scheduled
Cloning into '/var/tmp/patchew-tester-tmp-6pgrhw4t/src/src/keycodemapdb'...
Cloning into '/var/tmp/patchew-tester-tmp-6pgrhw4t/src/.gnulib'...
fatal: unable to access 'https://git.savannah.gnu.org/git/gnulib.git/': The requested URL returned error: 502
fatal: clone of 'https://git.savannah.gnu.org/git/gnulib.git/' into submodule path '/var/tmp/patchew-tester-tmp-6pgrhw4t/src/.gnulib' failed
Failed to clone '.gnulib' a second time, aborting
error: Updating submodules failed

real	0m7.518s
user	0m0.644s
sys	0m0.426s
=== OUTPUT END ===

Test command exited with code: 1

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