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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH v2] qemu: Introduce state_lock _timeout toqemu.conf

> On 08/27/2018 12:57 PM, Yi Wang wrote:
> > When doing some job holding state lock for a long time,
> > we may come across error:
> >  #swtpm_user = "tss"
> >  #swtpm_group = "tss"
> > +
> > +# The timeout (in seconds) waiting for acquiring state lock.
> This is rather sparse description. I know that state change lock is,
> because I'm a libvirt devel. However, I don't expect our users to know
> that. How about adding the following description:
>   When two or more threads want to work with the same domain they use a
>   job lock to mutually exclude each other. However, waiting for the lock
>   is limited up to state_lock_timeout seconds.
That's much better, thanks.

> Also, could you move this close to max_queued variable since they both
> refer to the same area?
Of course, I will adjust it.

> > +    if (virConfGetValueInt(conf, "state_lock_timeout", &cfg->stateLockTimeout) < 0)
> > +        goto cleanup;
> > +
> Almost, you need to check if cfg->stateLockTimeout is not zero. Such
> code could go into virQEMUDriverConfigValidate().

Thanks again for your time and patience, Michal.

Best wishes
Yi Wang

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