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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 00/11] Fix 10 tests on macOS

On Wed, Aug 21, 2019 at 07:13:12PM +0300, Roman Bolshakov wrote:
> Hi!
> This patch series attempts to reduce the number of failing tests on macOS.
> The fixes involve some funk with macOS dynamic and static linkers, dyld and
> ld64, respectively.
> As result, instead of 15 failing tests we get only 5.
> The tests have been fixed:
>   qemublocktest
>   qemumonitorjsontest
>   viriscsitest
>   virmacmaptest
>   virnetserverclienttest
>   vircryptotest
>   qemufirmwaretest
>   domaincapstest
>   commandtest
>   sockettest
> The tests are still failing:
>   qemumemlocktest
>   storagepoolxml2argvtest
>   qemuxml2xmltest
>   qemusecuritytest
>   qemuxml2argvtest
> qemucapsprobe doesn't yet works but I started working on the fix.
> The failing tests depend on virpcimock that is guarded by ifdefs so no
> functions are injected and the mock is no-op on macOS. How can we fix
> the tests that rely on the mock? Should we select only specific tests to
> run on macOS or we should make virpci mock cross-platform?  Skipping
> them entirely is not an option IMO as I think qemu driver can be used on
> macOS with qemu/hvf/haxm domains and the tests are helpful for the
> domains.

Realistically the PCI code will only ever execute on Linux, since
it uses VFIO linux kernel features, so if we don't test PCI bits
on macOS that's fine.

That said though, I'd be fine if you wanted to make the virpcimock
cross-platform too.

I'd pick whichever strategy results in the nicest code to maintain

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