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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 10/18] qemu: Support filesystem model=virtio-{non-}transitional

On Thu, Jan 17, 2019 at 12:52:37PM -0500, Cole Robinson wrote:
> Add <filesystem> model handling for virtio transitional devices. Ex:
>   <filesystem type='mount' model='virtio-transitional'>
>     ...
>   </filesystem
> * "virtio-transitional" maps to qemu "virtio-9p-pci-transitional"
> * "virtio-non-transitional" maps to qemu "virtio-9p-pci-non-transitional"

For QEMU the <filesystem> element currently implies the 9p filesystem
passthrough impl.

We already have a need to reuse it for USB-MTP filesystem sharing,
and quite soon we'll have to support virtio-fs too. The virtio-fs
module is essentially fuse-over-virtio IIUC.  In fact I wonder why
we're not just calling that device virtio-fuse to make it explicit !

Anyway the point is that model=virtio-transitional is potentially
ambiguous, depending on how we intend to deal with this.

I was at first thinking of  model="virtio-9p|virtio-fs|usb-mtp"
to deal with the existing issue, but you're proposing using model

I'm a little mixed about how to best dovetail with the transitional
stuff. We could use 'model' stuff but expand it:


IIUC, we don't need a -transitional/-non-transitional variant for
virtio-fs since it will be a modern device only - same as with

Or we could do things different and invert something like a 'protocol'
concept for the filesystem. 

  <filesystem type='mount'>
     <target dir="foo" protocol="9p|mtp|fuse"/>

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