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Re: [PATCH 2/2] kbase: debuglogs: Add some more example filters settings

On Mon, Aug 03, 2020 at 03:00:47PM +0200, Peter Krempa wrote:


> +Example filter settings
> +-----------------------
> +
> +Some filter setting suggestions for debugging more specific things. Unless it's
> +explicitly stated, these apply on libvirt 4.4.0 and later. Please note that some
> +of the filtrs below may not contain enough information for filing a libvirt bug.


I guess the intention of your note on these logs "may not contain enough
info to file a bug" is to proactively prevent people from filing bugs
with insufficient info.  But still, that sentence hangs in the air for
me, I don't know what to do with it as a newbie bug-reporter :-)
(Perhaps it's a "bear in mind to not rush to file a bug".)

> +Targetted logging for debugging QEMU vms
> +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

nit: s/vms/VMs/

> +
> +Specifying only sections some sections allows for a targetted filter

I think you meant: s/only sections some sections/only some sections/

> +configuration which works on all versions and is sufficient for most cases.
> +
> +::
> +
> +    1:libvirt 1:qemu 1:conf 1:security 3:event 3:json 3:file 3:object 1:util


> +Less verbose logging for QEMU vms
> +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

nit: s/vms/VMs

> +
> +Some subsystems are very noisy and usually not the culprit of the problems. They
> +can be silenced individually for a less verbose log while still logging
> +everything else. Usual suspects are the JSON code, udev, authentication and such.
> +A permissive filter is good for development use cases.
> +
> +::
> +
> +    3:remote 4:event 3:util.json 3:util.object 3:util.dbus 3:util.udev 3:node_device 3:rpc 3:access.accessmanager 3:util.netlink 1:*
> +
> +
> +Minimalistic QEMU QMP monitor logging
> +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> +
> +This filter logs only QMP traffic and skips most of libvirt's messages.
> +
> +::
> +
> +    2:qemu.qemu_monitor 3:*

With the awkward phrasing fixed:

    Reviewed-by: Kashyap Chamarthy <kchamart redhat com>

> -- 
> 2.26.2


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