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libvirt 6.6.0 tarball breaks on Homebrew/MacOS

The latest release at https://libvirt.org/sources/libvirt-6.6.0.tar.xz includes a configure script that breaks Homebrew (and other builds on MacOS/Darwin). The breaking change is related to a new version of the file m4/libtool.m4; line 2648 was changed to:

  shrext_cmds='`test .$module = .yes && echo .bundle || echo .dylib`'

However, src/driver.c loads modules with ".so" extensions, at line 56:

    if (!(modfile = virFileFindResourceFull(name,

The released tarball for 6.5.0 had the same shrext_cmds as upstream libtool:

  shrext_cmds='`test .$module = .yes && echo .so || echo .dylib`'

Not sure where to submit the issue (as the m4 files aren't in libvirt source control)... it appears to only affect the distribution tarball.

Perhaps the tarball could be re-released with autoconf from the official upstream libtool? (2.4.6)


PS. MacPorts is unaffected as it runs autogen.sh... but that shouldn't be necessary with a distribution tarball :)

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