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GSoC 2020 Salt Virt Advanced Performance Tuning Support

Hello Libvirt community

This is my first time working on a GSoC project with Libvirt. SaltStack is an open-source project that facilitates configuration management for IT infrastructures and Virt is a module of SaltStack.

The following 9 PRs summerizes the work I have done during this summer. The goal is to make existing Libvirt API domain properties configurable in Salt Virt in order to support advanced performance tuning.  5 PRs have been merged so far and another 4 are under reviewing. Although all basic unit tests have passed, I believe more rigorous tests are needed before using these features in production. I will spend more time later on adding more tests. 

Sincere thanks to my mentors Cedric Bosdonnat (cbosdo), Pedro Algarvio
(s0undt3ch) and Tyler Jones (Akm0d) for their patient support and advice.

Thank Wayne Werner (waynew), Daniel Wozniak (dwoz) Megan Wilhite (ch3ll) from SaltStack community for being very responsive on my questions and code reviews.

and Libvirt organisation for providing this opportunity for me to learn and grow.

CPU tuning and io threads allocation (reviewing)

Memory backing (reviewing)

CPU model, topology and NUMA node tuning (reviewing)

Memory tuning (reviewing)

Polish parameter doc (merged)

Map null to None in sls file (merged)

Firmware auto select (merged)

Boot VMs with UEFI (merged)

Boot parameter update fix (merged)

Kind regards,
Guoqing LI

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