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[RFC DOCUMENT 12/12] kubevirt-and-kvm: Add Contacts page


# Contacts and credits

# Contacts

The following people have agreed to serve as points of contact for
follow-up discussion around the topics included in these documents.

## Overall

* Andrea Bolognani <<abologna redhat com>> (KVM user space)
* Cole Robinson <<crobinso redhat com>> (KVM user space)
* Roman Mohr <<rmohr redhat com>> (KubeVirt)
* Vladik Romanovsky <<vromanso redhat com>> (KubeVirt)

## Networking

* Alona Paz <<alkaplan redhat com>> (KubeVirt)
* Stefano Brivio <<sbrivio redhat com>> (KVM user space)

## Storage

* Adam Litke <<alitke redhat com>> (KubeVirt)
* Stefan Hajnoczi <<stefanha redhat com>> (KVM user space)

# Credits

In addition to those listed above, the following people have also
contributed to the documents or the discussion around them.

Ademar Reis, Adrian Moreno Zapata, Alice Frosi, Amnon Ilan, Ariel
Adam, Christophe de Dinechin, Dan Kenisberg, David Gilbert, Eduardo
Habkost, Fabian Deutsch, Gerd Hoffmann, Jason Wang, John Snow, Kevin
Wolf, Marc-André Lureau, Michael Henriksen, Michael Tsirkin, Paolo
Bonzini, Peter Krempa, Petr Horacek, Richard Jones, Sergio Lopez,
Steve Gordon, Victor Toso, Viviek Goyal.

If your name should be in the list above but is not, please know that
was an honest mistake and not a way to downplay your contribution!
Get in touch and we'll get it sorted out :)

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