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Re: RFE - Add support for QEMU's 9pfs's fmode/dmode options

On a Tuesday in 2020, Brian Turek wrote:
Hello All,

I recently ran into problems with the default very restrictive permissions
for files that are created via 9pfs host/guest shares (600 for files, 700
for directories).  QEMU added two new-ish flags, fmode and dmode, to its
9pfs implementation so that users are able to control these exact

Would it be possible to expose these two flags via the domain XML?


If you're looking to implement this yourself, search for 'multidevs' in git log
to see a recent example of adding a flag to the 'filesystem' device
(note that after providing the input for the test case, you can generate
the output by running:
  VIR_TEST_REGENERATE_OUTPUT=1 tests/qemu${whatever}test
(not sure that's documented)).

Otherwise, simply wait until someone who needs it or someone who does it
based on your gitlab issue implements it.

I made
an issue on the libvirt Gitlab (
https://gitlab.com/libvirt/libvirt/-/issues/80) but it appears mailing list
posts may be preferred.

Gitlab issues are the preferred way to report feature requests and bugs.


Thank you

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