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[libvirt-users] how to match the ID of a LUN in a storage pool with the GUID on the target server

I've configured a libvirt storage pool using an iscsi target from a Sun 7310 storage appliance and am using the LUNs in this target as volumes for my KVM guests. The setup is very similar to what Daniel covered in a recent blog posting:


It works great, but I can't figure out how to match the volume names & path IQNs within the storage pool to the GUIDs on the target.

For example, here's what I see when I use the vol-info command:

# virsh vol-list kvm-target
Name                 Path
----------------------------------------- /dev/disk/by-path/ip-X.X.X.X:3260-iscsi-iqn.1986-03.com.sun:02:<snipped>-lun-0 /dev/disk/by-path/ip-X.X.X.X:3260-iscsi-iqn.1986-03.com.sun:02:<snipped>-lun-1

The IQN matches the targets IQN, but when I browse the LUNs from the storage system I do not see a way to determine which of them is *-lun-0 and which is *-lun-1, I only see a GUID and an alias name that I created.

Is there any way to get that info (or something else that will do the job) from a virsh command?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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