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[libvirt-users] Host should not touch passed-through USB device, how?

Hello list, 

this may be off topic but it is closely related to my Libvirt adventures 
so maybe you can help me.

I want to pass a USB device (a USB Huawei E620 modem) through to a KVM 
guest. Pass-through in general works fine and the modem is visible in 
the guest. However, the host still sees it and sometimes tries to access 
it (such modems seem to also be USB storage devices). This naturally 
leads to conflicts and I believe this crashed the guest very badly 

So I am looking for a way to make sure the host passes through the USB 
device (in its entirety) without trying to touch it and claim it as its 
own. Preferably without disabling the USB storage subsystem completely 
on the host.

Any ideas? Is there a best practice for such things in the Libvirt 
world? Or any other world? 


Andreas Ntaflos 

GPG Fingerprint: 6234 2E8E 5C81 C6CB E5EC  7E65 397C E2A8 090C A9B4

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