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[libvirt-users] Re: does kvm support SATA driver?

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The 15/08/11, lisiyang wrote:
>    Hi,
>    I encounter a  problem. My virtual  machine is  windows 7 .  I install  it
>    using bus ide.  There is not  any problem until  now. but when  I want  to
>    attach a disk  to it(bus=scsi )  , the  os can��t find  the suitable  SCSI
>    driver. I search the problem on  the internet ,it seems that the  windows7
>    don��t support SCSI driver. So ,I want  attach the disk to vm using  SATA.
>    So I want to know that whether the kvm support SATA driver and whether the
>    kvm support USB 2.0?

Usually, on Windows guests, you have to install the drivers before
changing the device. What I do is :
- attach another new temporary disk with SCSI,
- start Windows,
- install the drivers, 
- test the last disk is available,
- halt the guest,
- remove the temporary disk,
- start Windows.

Nicolas Sebrecht

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