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Re: [libvirt-users] libvirt0.9.7.tar.gz installation cannot start libvirtd?

On 12/13/2011 12:07 AM, 张光鹏 wrote:
> Today i install libvirt 0.9.7 , untar and install wit "./configure --prefix-/usr/local/libvirt  --with-esx", then " make" "make install" ,and i make a link "ln -s /usr/local/libvirt/bin/virsh  /usr/bin/virsh" , so i can use virsh .
> But i cannot start libvirtd ,when i use "service libvirtd start/status.." ,it returns "libvirtd:unrecognized service". I found a libvirtd file in  /usr/sbin/.

'service' expects things to be installed in particular locations; your
use of --prefix=/usr/local/libvirt violated those assumptions.  While
you "fixed" things for /usr/bin/virsh, there's a lot more files you'd
have to link into place if you want to match the default layout of the
libvirt binary package that came with RHEL that you are trying to
upgrade.  If you use libvirt.git, you can use './autogen.sh --system' to
pre-populate all of the configure arguments to match the RHEL defaults
(and even if you don't build libvirt.git, but from a tarball, then
looking at what autogen.sh does can prove useful).

Also, if you self-build libvirt, you may want to be sure that you
include the same RHEL-specific patches as in the distro's package, so
that you don't inadvertently lose the benefits of RHEL's efforts in
providing a stable product.

> Could someone help to resolve the problem ?

You may want to consider opening a help ticket with Red Hat, and/or
upgrading to RHEL 6.2.

> Thanks all
> Best regards
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