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Re: [libvirt-users] how to restart the network connection of kvm guest OS ?

On 03/25/2011 12:43 AM, Osier Yang wrote:
?? 2011??03??24?? 19:16, ?????? ????:
When a vm move from one VLAN(e.g. VLAN 1) to another VLAN (e.g. VLAN 2),
it is needed to restart the network connection of guest OS, so that it
can begin a dhcp discover and get a new ip again. But i can't find the
way to restart the guest os's network connection by libvirt (neither
python API nor virsh command). Is any other ways?


Won't virt-manager (if has) in your guest try to restart the network?

PS: i found that the VirtualBox can detach the cable of VMs and
re-attach so that the guest OS will recognize and restart a dhcp
discover when the cable re-attach. I guess the KVM will have some
feature like that , is anybody know something about that?

Libvirt supports similar function.
# virsh detach-interface
# virsh attach-interface

# virsh detach-device
# virsh attach-device

the difference between "*-device" and "*-interface" is the
accepted arguments, the later one accepts interface xml.

Those present to the guest as if the interface itself was being unplugged. What he's looking for is a way to just emulate a loss of carrier on the interface (ie unplugging the *cable*). There is an open bug for that:


but no work has been done on it yet.

Note that the required qemu monitor command does exist: "set_link XXX off" and "set_link XXX on", but I was unable to get a form of "virsh qemu-monitor-command" that could make this work.

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