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Re: [libvirt-users] libvirt-manager , details / console ...

Hi Eric,
it is on our Centos Machines and on my gentoo-linux machines.
on gentoo i user virt-manager 0.9.1
i think on centos 0.9
the virt-tools-list i was added, but its flooded by patch mails,
it is unreadable for me.

Am 01.03.2012 00:29, schrieb Eric Blake:
[adding virt-tools-list]

On 02/29/2012 03:20 PM, Marko Weber wrote:

Hi all,
we have an easy question for you maybe.
when we start the virt-manager, and doubleclick an listed virtual machine,
we always bei transported to CONSOLE page.
Thats very annoying for us.
Is there a possibility to set an option, that on doubleclick you are
getting the CONSOLE TAB.

in 95% we need Console and not Details.

thanks for any costructive hints.

This sounds more like a question for the virt-tools-list, where
virt-manager is maintained.

What version of virt-manager are you using, and on what distro?

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