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Re: [libvirt-users] Canceling a live migration via virsh? (QEMU/KVM)

On 01/08/2014 07:46 AM, Scott Sullivan wrote:
> I am using QEMU/KVM, using Live Migrations like this:
> virsh migrate --live ${name} qemu+ssh://${DESTINATION}/system
> My question, running this command makes it hang in the foreground. Is
> there a way for this to return immediately, so I can just poll for the
> migration status?

Not at the moment, but it might be worth adding a 'migrate --detach'
flag for that purpose, then using job control commands to track progress

> Also, is there a way to _cancel_ a migration?

Hit Ctrl-C (or any other approach for sending SIGINT to virsh).

> I see
> the --timeout option, however if a given timeout is reached I would
> rather have the ability to cancel the migration than force the suspend.
> I do see there is a QEMU api migrate_cancel..eg:
> virsh qemu-monitor-command ${name} --pretty '{"execute":"migrate_cancel"}'
> Is that the only way to cancel a migration using libvirt?

That way is unsupported.  The supported way (and the way used by ctrl-C
during 'virsh migrate') is to call virDomainAbortJob().

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