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[libvirt-users] Virt-Lightning: a cloud-like CLI for libvirt

Hi all,

Tl;dr: Virt-Lightning uses libvirt, cloud-init and libguestfs to allow
anyone to quickly start new VM. Very much like a container CLI interface,
but locally.

-> https://github.com/virt-lightning/virt-lightning

To validate my Ansible roles, I was looking for a way to quickly start
and stop my test environments. I was looking for an experience similar
to what we have with the containers. Virt-lightning takes a distribution
name as main input. The output is the IP address of a freshly deployed
VM on which I can run my tests.

Virt-Lightning uses master QCOW2 images with backing file and avoid the
use of DHCP, this to speedup up the first boot. The configuration is
done by cloud-init. The whole deployment is rather fast. For instance, I
can deploy 3 VM in 25s (Lenovo T580).

cloud-init is used to create the user account, inject the SSH keys,
prepare the network configuration and resize the file system.

    Gonéri Le Bouder

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