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Re: [libvirt-users] Error Starting domain: Failed to page size of file

On 3/28/19 2:25 PM, Harsh Gondaliya wrote:
I am trying to connect a KVM-QEMU VM to OVS-DPDK vhostuser port. But, I am
encountering a few errors. Since I am very new to libvrt and Linux I am not
able to sort them out. Any guidance in this regard would be a great help.

These are my System Logs:

For future reference, it may be better to use some sharing service (e.g. pastebin) rather than pasting huge logs into an e-mail.

*Mar 28 18:03:05 dpdk-OptiPlex-5040 libvirtd.service: 1351: error :
qemuProcessReportLogError:1709 : internal error: early end of file from
monitor, possible problem: 2019-03-28T12:33:05.007674Z qemu-system-x86_64:
-chardev socket,id=charnet0,path=/var/run/openvswitch/vhost-user1: Failed
to connect socket: Permission denied*

This says that your openvswitch is not allowing qemu to connect. You need to fix your permissions.

*Mar 28 18:03:05 dpdk-OptiPlex-5040 virtlogd[6704]: Cannot open log file:
'/var/log/libvirt/qemu/VM1.log': Device or resource busy*

This is suspicious, but if I recall correctly, this was fixed a while ago. You might want to test the latest libvirt. BTW what is your libvirt version?

*Mar 28 18:35:58 dpdk-OptiPlex-5040 libvirtd.service: 1530: error :
qemuProcessReportLogError:1709 : internal error: process exited while
connecting to monitor: 2019-03-28T13:05:58.059732Z qemu-system-x86_64:
failed to get page size of file /dev/hugepages/libvirt/qemu: No such file
or directory*

Interesting. Libvirt detected /dev/hugepages as a hugetlbfs mount but failed to create the directory structure there? Or perhaps it did but somebody/something has removed it. Or maybe, after libvirtd was started then /dev/hugepages was mounted over, e.g.:

# mount none /dev/hugepages -t hugetlbfs -o pagesize=1GB

which replaces /dev/hugepages mount point with a new filesystem masking the old one (with the directory structure) out.


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