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Re: CAPP mode for audit

Steve Grubb wrote:     [Wed Aug 10 2005, 04:09:35PM EDT]
> On Wednesday 10 August 2005 15:58, Amy Griffis wrote:
> > I think it would help if audit had a finer-grained mechanism for
> > specifying events to watch for.
> Please elaborate. I am mulling over the next specs. Maybe an example
> usage, too?

A few weeks ago in #audit, Tim, Rob (_blah_) and I discussed using the
inotify events.  For example, from inotify.h:

/* the following are legal, implemented events that user-space can watch for */
#define IN_ACCESS               0x00000001      /* File was accessed */
#define IN_MODIFY               0x00000002      /* File was modified */
#define IN_ATTRIB               0x00000004      /* Metadata changed */
#define IN_CLOSE_WRITE          0x00000008      /* Writtable file was closed */
#define IN_CLOSE_NOWRITE        0x00000010      /* Unwrittable file closed */
#define IN_OPEN                 0x00000020      /* File was opened */
#define IN_MOVED_FROM           0x00000040      /* File was moved from X */
#define IN_MOVED_TO             0x00000080      /* File was moved to Y */
#define IN_CREATE               0x00000100      /* Subfile was created */
#define IN_DELETE               0x00000200      /* Subfile was deleted */
#define IN_DELETE_SELF          0x00000400      /* Self was deleted */

/* helper events */
#define IN_CLOSE                (IN_CLOSE_WRITE | IN_CLOSE_NOWRITE) /* close */
#define IN_MOVE                 (IN_MOVED_FROM | IN_MOVED_TO) /* moves */

                         IN_CLOSE_NOWRITE | IN_OPEN | IN_MOVED_FROM | \
                         IN_MOVED_TO | IN_DELETE | IN_CREATE | IN_DELETE_SELF)

I suppose an example might be to use -E for event (as -e is already
taken).  There are too many possibilities to practically use a single
character "mask", so you'd probably have to do something like:

-E access -E modify -E move


-E all

Any other ideas?


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