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Re: audit audtid's syscall?

I ran into the same problem - you can solve it with a little script that
starts auditd:

/etc/init.d/auditd restart || exit 1
/sbin/auditctl -e 1

PID=`ps x | grep auditd | grep -v grep | cut -c 2-5`
if [ -z "$PID" ] ; then
        exit 2;

/sbin/auditctl -a entry,always -S all -F pid!=$PID || exit3

Hope it helps.

Avishay Traeger

On Thu, 2005-02-03 at 23:15 +0900, Junji Kanemaru wrote:
> > auditctl -a entry,never -S all -F pid=XXXX
> I see. Thank you for the info.
> >>2)add option to use netlink_broadcast for kernel 
> >>audit error log instead of printk(KERN_ERR) because printk(KERN_ERR)
> >>causes syslog write.
> > 
> > 
> > I don't want the audit log polluted with kernel error messages. I think they 
> > belong in syslog.
> Yeah, but isn't it nice to have if auditd can get kernel audit warnings with
> netlink channel before panic? For example if auditd can check
> audit_backlog_limit then auditd can do some safer action before
> sudden kernel panic... I'm not saying completely replace it, just another
> event for auditd.
Avishay Traeger <atraeger cs sunysb edu>

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