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audit-0.6.2 released


A new version of auditd has been released. You can download it from:


Some of the changes:
- Add R option to auditctl to allow reading rules from file.
- Do not allow task creation list to have syscall auditing
- Add D option to allow deleting all rules with 1 command
- Added pam_audit man page & sample.rules
- Mod initscript to call auditctl to load rules at start-up
- Write message to log file for daemon start up
- Write message that daemon is shutting down
- Modify auditd shutdown to wait until logger thread is finished
- Fix bug where extra info was appended to some messages

This version now supports reading a set of rules when the daemon is started. 
Edit the file: /etc/audit.rules  and place the audit ctl commands. There is a 
sample audit rules file included. Look for sample.rules.

Compiled versions will be available in rawhide tomorrow morning.

-Steve Grubb

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