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Supplemental Groups


I ran across something that I was wondering if we have a deficiency/bug. Do we 
need to capture supplemental group information? For example:

[sgrubb beast ~]$ su - root
[root beast ~]# echo "test" > /opt/test.txt
[root beast ~]# chmod 0660 /opt/test.txt
[root beast ~]# chgrp wheel /opt/test.txt
[root beast ~]# ls -l /opt/test.txt
-rw-rw----  1 root wheel 5 Feb 22 11:30 /opt/test.txt
[root beast ~]# auditctl -a exit,always -S open -F loginuid=501
AUDIT_LIST: exit always loginuid=501 (0x10e5) syscall=open

We created a file that's readable if you have wheel as a supplemental group. 
Now from another terminal:

[sgrubb beast ~]$ cat /opt/test.txt
[sgrubb beast ~]$

OK...it worked. So let's go see what's in the logs:

type=KERNEL msg=audit(1109089864.512:6279351): item=0 name=/opt/test.txt 
inode=136 dev=00:00 
type=KERNEL msg=audit(1109089864.512:6279351): syscall=5 exit=3 a0=bff6aa07 
a1=8000 a2=0 a3=8000 items=1 pid=26538 loginuid=501 uid=501 gid=501 euid=501 
suid=501 fsuid=501 egid=501 sgid=501 fsgid=501

Somewhere in there I expected group #10 to be mentioned since that is what 
gave me access capability to the file. Does anyone know why its not recorded? 
Don't we need that information?

-Steve Grubb

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