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Re: [PATCH] get dev value for inode audit records

Chris Wright wrote:
That's what I was thinking, Erich said he'd give the patch a test.  I
kept rdev and added dev.  But, from the perspective of the converstaion
we had in the other thread (re: supplemental groups), shouldn't the
security attributes of the object be dumped as well?  Here's a patch to
try Erich, but I think I'll spin up another one to dump uid/gid too.


Don't forget the mode for completeness :) That should be similar to a portion of the (rough idea) patch that I submitted to the list on Jan 21. I believe you stated that this information would be redundant with Tim's audit additions (although I could have misinterpreted that). Is that no longer the case? I apologize for my ignorance here - I really do hope to be able to start playing with Tim's patches soon (and David's prelim IPC audit patch).


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