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Re: [RFC][PATCH] (#4) auditfs

Mounir Bsaibes
Linux Security
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linux-audit-bounces redhat com wrote on 02/25/2005 08:33:01 AM:

> On Thu, 2005-02-24 at 12:13 -0600, Timothy R. Chavez wrote:
> >I'd like to start getting feedback on linux-fsdevel with a CC directly
> >to Al Viro about the design itself.  What do you all think of this
> >approach?  Or perhaps I should bring it directly to LKML?  Should I
> >wait until the intermediary patch #5 is completed and tested before I
> >start any dialog?  I personally think overlapping the two would be
> >fine.  The reason I think this is because the first major stumbling
> >block has nothing to do with the implementation itself, but the design
> >and all the philosophy and politics surrounding it.  As soon as I
> >mention "filesystem auditing" I've noticed that people get antsy and
> >immediately try to beat it down like a pianta made out of software
> >patents J/K.  Thus I feel a large part of this endeveour is going to
> >revolve around explanation.  Do you agree?  I'd appreciate some
> >feedback.
> I agree. Take it to linux-fsdevel. Outline the design and the reason for
> it, and show that you're keeping it as unintrusive as it can be.
> I don't think you have to have a complete and perfect implementation
> before you do so, as long as you don't present your patch as such.
> There's not a lot of point in completely finishing it before we show
> anything, if we're going to have to make significant changes.

I agree that you don't have to have the perfect implementation before you 
present it.
I also agree that a good word about the design and how  unintrusive it is 
will go a
long way. However, I think it may be better to complete the intermediary 
patch #5 first. 
So you will be available to answer any concern and not be overwhelmed. (my 
2 cents)
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