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Re: audit log exit


Could it be to minimize risk of filling up the buffer and to also a
produce seperation of records?  This way userspace auditd can stitch
together a log record per name, based on the serial numbers?  A
one-to-many relationship so-to-speak.  This way you get one record
containing all the common information and X records containing all the
unique information instead of one super huge record that's immensely
difficult to parse or X records with a bunch of redundant information
in them.


On Wed, 5 Jan 2005 08:27:55 -0500, Steve Grubb <sgrubb redhat com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering why the code in audit_log_exit
> http://lxr.linux.no/source/kernel/auditsc.c?v=
> loops spitting out packets? Why isn't the audit information sent as 1 packet?
> Just curious...
> -Steve Grubb
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- Timothy R. Chavez

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